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Whitelisting Module

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Auto Whitelisting - anti spam measure, also known as Challenge-Response (C/R) spam filtering. It was present in our Pro version, but we did not include it in the standard release because of its controversial nature. The module can be purchased for US$100.00.

It is very easy to set up - no web interface is needed, because all the challenge-response validation is occuring through our processing server.

Download the module, install it in the same directory where you have installed our mail server (by default  C:\Program Files\ArGo Software Design\ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET), and you are ready to go.

Chalenge response messages can be fully customized. Sorry, you cannot use unicode characters at this point, but it will be coming soon, depending on the demand.

Your mail server has to be running POP3, and port 110 must be visible from our processing server from

IMPORTANT: Optional modules will not work, if your mail server version is less than

If you have questions, please let us know.

Download Whitelising Module

If you already downloaded and installed it, test if your server is visible from our processing server.

After the module is installed, you can enable Auto Whitelisting option from the Edit User - Forwarding and Whitelisting box from the mail server UI.

And, use the button below to regiter it for $100.00.  Unregistered version will allow to hold only 3 messages per user.

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