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Mailbag Only Version

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Mailbag Only version of Mail Server .NET is primarily to be used as a backup server.  It also can be used as a gateway between the Internet and any other mail server.  You may want to do it, if you like anti-spam features of our server.

Mailbag Only version allows to specify only mailbag domains.  It can not have local domains, and it can not have local users.  It also will not relay mail out to domains, other than mailbags.

It supports all anti-spam features of our full mail server, except, of course SMTP authentication and POP/IMAP before SMTP, because they lose sense for the mailbag version.  It also does not support IMAP, POP3 and Secondary SMTP.

For information how to set up a backup server, see the following FAQ entry.

Mailbag only version download is the same as the full version download.  After the license file for the mailbag only version is applied, evaluation time limit is removed, and the features of full version are disabled.

You can register the Mailbag Only version from our regular registration page.

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