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You should read these upgrade notes, if you are using customized web templates or images. If you are not, then upgrade as described on the Pro version upgrade page, and select to overwrite Web Templates, Images, and Replies, when prompted.

If you are upgrading from the version between - of Pro:

New Web Templates:

  • whitelists.html - used to edit white lists;
  • whitelistconfirmation.html - used to display the confirmation screen, after the confirmation link in the confirmation message is clicked;

Modified templates:

  • messagelist.html - added a link to whitelists at the top bar and new macro ##SELECTALL## (see PR 5);
  • composemail.html and draftmail.html - added a new macro ##SENTITEMS##, and new checkbox, which allows to specify whether sent message should be copied into the "Sent Items" folder;
  • ss.css - Added new "class" msgelist to the stylesheet ss.css

New image:

  • whitelists.jpg - represents a link to WhiteLists

And, there is new file whlreply.rec in the _maillists subdirectory, which contains the default whitelist reply;

All above files, are included in the installation (along of other files, which have not changed), and, also can be downloaded from here

If you are using XML files for >customizing admin web interface, there is a change in the file admin.xml, and there is a new xml file - whitelist.xml. You can download new from here.

If you are upgrading from the version or earlier:

Starting from the web interface of Pro version is able to handle multiple folders. Changes in web templates are so significant, that it is very difficult to list them here. When installing this version, make sure to select to Overwite Web Templates option.

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