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Email Address Validator

Email validation service is a .NET based web service.

Click here to view WSDL.

Click here to test the service. Use the key TEST. it will allow up to 3 relays to single recipient, up to 4 Kbs per IP address a day.

The service has only one web method:

string RelayMail(string from, string to, string msg, string key, string calledFrom)


  • from - email address of sender, will be used with SMTP MAIL FROM command, when the service delivers mail to an exchanger;
  • to - email address of recipient, or multiple addresses of recipients, separated by commas. This(ese) addresses will be used with RCPT TO SMTP command(s);
  • msg - email message, which is to be delivered, preferebly, in rfc822 format, including all headers;
  • key - key you received from us when you subscribed to the service;
  • calledFrom - can be blank. Is used by our Mail Servers to identify the version of calling mail server;

Return value: In case of success, return string is ACCEPTED XXX, where XXX is a unique ID assigned to the request by our system. in case of an error, the function returns the word ERROR followed by the detailed explanation.

Your tests requests can be tracked from here.

Requests can be tracked from here. You will be asked for your registration code and an email address used when subscribing.

Something to remember: if you have SPF records for your domain, and are using our service, please make sure to add +a:yourserviceaddress to your SPF record.  yourserviceaddress must match the address part of the service Url you are using to access the service, e.g.,

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