Binding IP Addresses to Domain Groups

The feature will work, only if your computer has multiple IP addresses, and it listens on all of them (Options - Services - IP Binding - Listen on the Following IP Address(es) setting is All Available.

If this settig is anything else, which means, server listens on only one IP address, then IP-Binding related controls on the Edit Domain Group box will be disabled.

If the server listens on all available addresses, and Bind To address on the Edit Domain Group box is Any Available, then values below that field on the box are not used.

If Bind To address on the Edit Domain Group box is specified, then at connection, server will attempt to detect to which IP address was the connection established, and will use values associated with the given domain group:  it will use SMTP greeting and local host value, specified here at connection, Bounces From value if it bounces an email received on this IP address, also, when there is a login attempt either to POP3, IMAP or SMTP server, and user name does not have specified domain name, the server will assume this domain group, not _Default domain group.  If either of these values is blank, server will use corresponding values from the General Options or Service Options boxes.

At this point (v1.0.4.3, February 27 2008) IP binding does not work for the web interface.