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Importing the Data From Pro Version

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Pro and .NET versions of mail server can be installed on same computer, and even can run on the same computer, if you use different IP addresses and/or different ports. .NET version does not overwrite the data of Pro version, and Pro version does not overwrite the data of .NET version, but the information can be imported from Pro into .NET.

To import the data from the Pro version, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the computer, where you are running Mail Server Pro (v1.8.9.0 or higher), and create a directory, named, e.g. Transfer anywhere on the hard drive;
  2. Launch the Mail Server Controller application, and stop the server, by clicking Stop button;
  3. Click File - Export Users to .NET Version;
  4. Click OK on the confirmation box that appears;
  5. On the Export to .NET Version box, in the Export Folder box, specify the export directory you have created in the 1st step;
  6. Specify domains, users and mailbags you want to export, if you are also willing to transfer email messages and addressbooks, select appropriate boxes, and click OK button;
  7. After the export data is created, exit from mail server;
  8. If you are running Pro and .NET versions on different computers, take the entire export directory to the computer, where you are running Mail Server .NET;
  9. Lauch Mail Server .NET controller application, and select Options - Import from Pro version, specify the directory you specified in (or brought from) Pro version, and click OK;
  10. New data will appear in the .NET version.

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