Cookie Policy

Last updated: June 10, 2019

According to European Union General Data Production Regulation (GPRS), web sites, which use cookies, are required to display a message to users, warning them about it.

ArGoSoft Mail Server Web Interface uses two cookies, which help to maintain session state and keep the user logged in:

  1. Session State Cookie contains a 32-character session ID. It expires when either of the following happens:
    • User is inactive for 30 minutes (this is the default value, and it is configurable);
    • User logs out by clicking Logout link;
    • Server is restarted.
  2. Login Cookie is used only when Remember Me option is selected on the login screens. It is also a 32-character string. It does not contain neither username, nor password neither in clear text, nor in encrypted form. It expires:
    • After 30 days (not configurable at this point);
    • User logs out by clicking Logout lik.

All cookies, as all cookies in the World, are stored on user's device, and are maintained by browsers they use.

This is a generic policy. If you are managing ArGoSoft Mail Server and would like to provide link to your own version of Cookie Policy, edit the template home.html, which, by default, is located in folder C:\ProgramData\ArGoSoft\MailServer.Net\_web\, and change the link to this page ( to your own.

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