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You can download our products using links below. If you have registration code, it will turn your downloads into full versions. If you don't, then the downloads will work as evaulation versions (except Mail Server Freeware, which is a full version, and which does not require registration code. To get registration code, you have to register the software.

All evaluation versions are fully functional.  They are just limited by 30 day evaluation period. .NET v4.5 or later is required.

Here is some live data: 3  users started the 30 day trial of either Mail Server .NET or FTP Server .NET since the midnight Eastern time (during the last 9 hours and 57 minutes).

ProgramVersion/ReleaseDownloadSize (Mb)
Mail Server .NET, 32 bit1.1.2.0, Mar 31 2019MailServerSetup.msi???
Mail Server .NET, 64 bit1.1.2.0, Mar 31 2019MailServerSetup64.msi2.76
FTP Server .NET1.0.3.0, Jun 11 2018FtpServerSetup.msi2.79
FTP Server .NET, 64 bit1.0.3.0, Jun 11 2018FtpServerSetup64.msi2.79

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