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How to Keep Copies of All Arrived Messages on ArGoSoft Mail Server Pro

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This document is intended for advanced users, who are familiar with using Windows registry, and telnet application!!!

Sometimes it is necessary to keep copies of all messages, which arrive to your server.

Pro version of our server allows you to do it, starting from version (Pre-Release 6 and later).

By default, if user requests that the message should be deleted during POP3, or Web session, messages are physically deleted from the mailbox, and they are not recoverable. Pro version of our server allows the server administrator to keep copies of deleted messages on the server.

To enable this option, run regedit, and locate following key:

If you are using Windows NT/2000/XP version:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ArGoSoft\Mail Server\Setup

And, if you are using Windows 95/98/Me version:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ArGoSoft\Mail Server\Setup

Then, add the following string (REG_SZ) data:

Value Name: Keep Copies

Value Data: 1

After you have done it, server, instead of physically deleting messages from the mailbox, will be renaming them. Original, valid messages in the mailbox have extension eml. Renamed files will have an extension ~eml, and they will be invisible for an end user, and inaccessible via server.

Server does not provide any ways of viewing, analyzing, and deleting these files, but it does provide the way of restoring them. To restore messages telnet to the POP3 port, log in as an user, for which you wish to restore messages, and issue _undelete command.

Here is a sample session

        S: +OK ArGoSoft Mail Server Pro v1.8.1.8
        C: USER joe
        S: +OK Password required for joe
        C: PASS secret
        S: +OK Mailbox locked and ready
        C: _UNDELETE
        S: +OK 12 undeleted
        C: QUIT
        S: +OK Aba he

To turn off Keep Copies option, change the data of above string key to 0.

Again, at this point, server does not provide any ways of view and manage copies of messages.

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