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Below are the language packs for the web interface. They will work starting the web interface version or higher. Installation instructions are contained in packages.

For information how to translate web interface resources, see this document.

If you have your own translated resources, and wish to share, please contact us. We will place it in the below table, along with a link to your web site. Here is the English package, which can be used as a starting poit for translations.  Unzip it keeping the directory structure... Thanks in advance!

Language Language Code DGA Resources Contributor Date Updated
Danish - Dansk da Yes SuperWorld PlaySite April 29 2018
Dutch - Nederlands nl Yes Site4all April 29 2018
French - Français fr IPSO-FACTO April 29 2018
Georgian - ქართული ka Yes ArGoSoft April 29 2018
German - Deutsch de Yes Roland Bieri April 29 2018
Japanese - 日本語 ja Yes Takahisa Sato April 29 2018
Spanish - Español es Yes I.I.T. LANZANET, S.L April 29 2018

DGA - Domain Group Administration

Changes in resource files are listed here.

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