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More and more ISPs are blocking outgoing port 25, making it impossible to use your own mail server to send out mail.

In summer 2006 we have launched a web service,  It interfaces with Freeware, Plus and Pro versions of ArGoSoft Mail Server starting from allows to relay mail through our servers.  It is an alternative for the Smart Server feature, which is available in Plus and Pro versions of mail server (see the help file of your mail server), but, much more efficient. It is faster, because it uses HTTP instead of slower SMTP, and offers more detailed tracking of your requests.

The service also interfaces with our new product - ArGoSoft Mini Mail Server.

See the Specifications page to test the service.

It is also possible to use the service independently, not from our mail server, the similar way as our Email Validation Service.

We would like to note, that the daily usage of the service is limited.  We do not want to encourage spam, and have our server blacklisted.

Check the status of the service...

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