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ArGoSoft Mail Transfer is a powerful tool, which allows to retrieve mail from single, or multiple POP3 accounts, and redistribute them between accounts of any SMTP server, based on the data in headers of retrieved email messages.

Process of retrieval and redistribution can be scheduled, or performed by user demand, by performing Transfer oparation.

It runs the similar way, as our other products: it can be used on Windows 98, as a normal windows application (runs on a background, and is represented on a system tray as an icon), or, on Windows NT, XP, 2000, 2003, as a service application, and can be controlled via control panel.

Current version is, April 28 2006 release.

To download the evaluation version, go to Download Page. Evaluation version is fully functional, but it will allow creation of only 2 accounts. You can evaluate the program for 20 days, after that, you have to either delete it from your computer, or register it. Registration will allow you to add any number of accounts, and get email support.

Price of the software is US$29.00 per computer. To register, go to the Register Page.

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