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ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET

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Welcome to the home of ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET! Our server features:

  • Full support of SMTP/ESMTP, POP3, IMAP protocols, and complete direct delivery service via MX records, smart server, or our relay service;
  • Unlimited users and domains;
  • Beginning from v1.0.7.9, it does not require Microsoft SQL server (but it is supported and is recommended for heavier loads);
  • SMTP extensions SIZE, DSN, PIPELINING, VRFY, ETRN...:;
  • Full support of SSL/TLS (STARTTLS/STLS), for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP, plus mail relay via SMTP;
  • Archiver - completely transparent archiving of all messages that go through server;
  • Shared Folders - accessible via IMAP and web interface;
  • Support of SpamAssassin, well known and well tested anti spam project, maintained by Apache (new for version;
  • Native support of anti spam and security features, such as:
  • Web interface of mail server is free, and comes with full source code... Even more, we help registered users with installing web interface for free!!! Web interface:
    • Is lightweight;
    • Can run on a computer, different than mail server computer;
    • Almost all the text seen on the web interface is stored in resource files, which makes modification of text, it's translation to other languages very easy.  See this document for more information.  See web interface language packs, contributed by our users;
    • Allows to send out HTML mail;
  • Support of Delivery Status Notification (DSN) ESMTP extension;
  • Supports Secondary SMTP (meaning, your users can still access your mail server for sending mail out, even if their ISP blocks port 25);
  • IDLE command is supported in IMAP, allowing most of email clients, including mobile phone clients, to notify users about new arriving emails immediately.  The feature is also known as IMAP PUSH;
  • Mailbag domains, with support of ETRN (see SMTP extensions above);
  • Quick Setup wizard to get you started with the server configuration;
  • Bind to different IP addresses, depending on the domain group, and act as a true "virtual" server. See this document for more information;
  • Configure maximum message size, allowed through server, mailbox sizes for users and domains, limit the number of allowed sent messages for each user;
  • Optional Modules;
  • Ability to extend server using 3rd party server plugins;
  • More to come (we do updates often)...
  • All that - at the unbeatable price of $59.00 (less for registered users of our older Pro version).

ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET continues best traditions of our older, Win32 based mail servers. It uses concepts and methods, used, tested and approved by tens of thousands of users since we first released our first mail server in 1999.

For tips and resources related to software and laptop computers visit Laptop Logic - a great site for laptop-related tweaks and guides.

.NET version uses more advanced database engine, and contanins 100% managed code (.NET), which make it more reliable, efficient and fast. The difference in speed is more noticeable with IMAP and the Web interface.

We also offer a Mailbag Only version of server, which can be used as a backup server for your existing system. It has all the security features described above.

Important: Prerequisites for mail server are:

  • Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windwos 7... The server will not work on Windows 98;
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 (Except for Windows Vista, which already supports .NET 2.0);
  • Windows Installer 3.1. Available from Windows Update...

By default, server uses SQLite database engine, but for heavier loads, we recommend to use Microsoft SQL server.  Version 2005 or higher is supported.  Express edition (which is free) should work fine too.  It can be downloaded from here.  If, at some point, you will decide to switch between SQLite and SQL server, it is pretty easy, but it may be time consuming, depending on the usage of your server.

Mail server comes with a free 30 day license. It will be issued by our validation server when you run it for first time.

Following table allows you to download the modules:

ModuleVersion/ReleaseDownload LinkSize (Mb)
Mail Server .NET1.0.8.8, Apr 14 2016MailServerSetup.msi2.79
Mail Server .NET (64 bit), Apr 14 2016MailServerSetup64.msi2.86
Mail Server .NET Web Interface1.0.8.0, May 23 2011WebMailSetup.msi0.72
Mail Server .NET Web Interface (64 bit), May 23 2011WebMailSetup64.msi0.84

Attention to Windows VISTA and Windows 2008 Server users!!!  If you are going to install the web interface, make sure to keep this document handy!

Current version of mail server is, April 14 2016 release.

To install the mail server, download and double click the file MailServerSetup.msi.

To install web interface, download and double click the file WebMailSetup.msi.  It will work with with mail server or later, and it does not have to be on the same computer as your mail server.  If you are a registered user, and are having trouble installing it, let us know, and we will do our best to help you.

If you are having security-related problems when running the old version of web interface, see the following Troubleshooting Guide.

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